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Buzz Rechargeable E-Bike Bell and Anti-Theft Alarm, Black


Since our e-bikes are whisper-quiet as you ride, it’s helpful to have a bell that you can use to let fellow riders know you’re approaching whether navigating a busy track or quiet campground. All Buzz products come with a manual bell, however, if you’re looking for an upgrade, this black electric bell should fit the bill! With 3 volume levels and an anti-theft alarm, this easy-install, rechargeable bell is a great option for your e-bike adventures.

Great for these Buzz models: This accessory is compatible with all Buzz bikes!

Model #01295BL
E-Bike Bell and Alarm
E-Bike Bell and Alarm
E-Bike Bell and Alarm
E-Bike Bell and Alarm
E-Bike Bell and Alarm
E-Bike Bell and Alarm
E-Bike Bell and Alarm
E-Bike Bell and Alarm
E-Bike Bell and Alarm


Electric bike bell: This black electric bike bell is a great option for riders looking to upgrade from the standard manual bike bell.

Volume: With 3 volume levels ranging from 80dB (the noise of a busy downtown street) to 130dB (similar to a chainsaw), you can select the appropriate volume for your surroundings.

Safety: This bike accessory allows you to enhance your safety while you are out riding to alert surrounding people, bikes, and even cars of your presence.

Anti-theft: No need to worry about your bike’s security when you’ve parked it at the campground or stop for a mid-ride break. The anti-theft alarm function has 3 levels of sensitivity and is able to be adjusted with the buttons on the bell. Refer to the product manual for instructions on activating, adjusting, and deactivating the alarm function.

Rechargeable: Fully charged after 1.5 hours, this bell can be used for 20-30 days! The bell comes with a USB cord to fit the bell and can be charged using any USB port (plug adapter for wall charging not included).

Easy to install and remove: Ideal for most bike handlebars, this bell is mounted with elastic straps to make installation a breeze, just seconds and your bell is secure. Suitable for handlebars ranging from 22.2-31.8mm diameters.

Waterproof: Attach this bell to your e-bike for any adventure ahead without fear of what the weather brings! This electronic bell is IPX6 waterproof.

Product dimensions (LxWxH): 43.3mm x 22.10mm x 86.7mm / 3.4” x 1.75” x 0.87”

Product weight: 2.1 oz

Package size (LxWxH) and weight: 4.72" x 2.56" x 1.18"; 1 lb.

Refer to the product manual for attachment instructions.

The 90-day warranty covers Buzz accessories from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. The limited warranty does not cover wear and tear.

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Model Number01295BL


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