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What does it mean for something to be UL 2849 Compliant?

For a product to be compliant to UL 2849 means that they have been tested and deemed compliant to the standard of safety for electrical systems for electric bikes (e-bikes). Being compliant with UL 2849 indicates that, after undergoing rigorous evaluation and testing, a specific product or products meet necessary requirements for preventing electrical, fire, and shock hazards.

Why does it matter?

Seeing that a product is UL 2849 Compliant can inspire confidence in our riders and families that when they purchase an e-bike from us that our product has passed third-party NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories) certification and compliance with various voluntary UL standards, meaning that it is compliant to their standards set to consider its electrical system (drive unit, display, cables, electrical accessories, battery and charger system) safe to operate. These standards are incredibly important to ensure the safety of the product throughout its lifetime, which will involve many cycles of charges and discharges.

Are products automatically added to a UL classification?

No, products are not automatically added to a UL classification. Companies, if they choose, must go through a testing process to obtain UL Compliance, which requires an investment of time and money. Only a limited number of suppliers have taken steps to obtain this classification.

As a commitment to the safety of our riders, all our e-bikes are tested to the UL 2849 standard.  This standard, specifically developed for E-bikes, ensures the battery, motor, controller, and charger follow rigorous testing as individual components and as component groups for products.  Only when all components properly work together does the system pass the UL 2849 standard test. We believe these steps are an important investment within our total E-bike testing requirements.