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Free Shipping Plus 50% off a Rear Rack with the Purchase of an E-Bike

What Is Operation Honey Bee?

Operation Honey Bee (OHB) is the voice in action protecting honey bees worldwide. They promote and advocate sustainable agricultural practices that help honey bees against multi-faceted threats of geopathic stress causing bee deaths and ensure that pollinator populations are restored. Operation Honey Bee protects bees from unsustainable agricultural corporations that directly impact declining honey bee populations.

Operation Honey Bee Sustainability Claims:

Operation Honey Bee is partnered with a rare and ultra-sustainable bee farm that uses the utmost care when handling bees with proven methods that are beneficial to the bees and the environment. OHB currently operates roughly 300 hives under supervision in Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

How Does Buzz Partner with Operation Honey Bee?

With each purchase of a new Charter F E-bike, $50 of the total purchase price will go toward adopting an OHB beehive through their Adopt-A-Hive program. Customers will receive notification of their adoption and a jar of honey from their hive. Each donation helps create a better future by increasing pollination and saving bees using proven sustainable methods, including not feeding them sugar or corn syrup. We partner with Operation Honey Bee because we believe in their mission to protect honey bees and their mission aligns with our passion for sustainability efforts that is woven into all we do here at Buzz. Doesn’t it feel sweet to help save the bees?!