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Buzz and Operation Honeybee

Pedal for Pollinators

In the spring of 2021, the Buzz team geared up for the launch of the Charter F, a foldable, lightweight e-bike intended for commuters looking for an alternative form of transportation. The Charter F remains in our lineup as our lightest and most nimble e-bike to date! 

Marketing the new Charter required an approach to engage an e-bike rider segment looking for e-mobility options for their transportation. The challenge? How can we reach this new audience, and stay true to what we “bee-lieve”?

Well, we believe that the freedom to ride belongs to everyone, and it should for generations to come. We also believe that as an alternative transportation brand, we have a duty to push for sustainability whenever we can. Lastly, we believe that the target customer for Charter F is just as passionate about sustainability as we are. That is why we partnered with Operation Honeybee for the launch of the Buzz Charter F.

Operation Honeybee is a nonprofit organization focused on one thing: saving the bees! The honeybee is of crucial importance to humanity. In fact, bees can be credited for 1/3 of our food supply through the pollination of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Honeybee populations are dwindling due to disease, climate change, and human interference.

Operation Honeybee’s mission of spreading awareness and leading the sustainability movement that will preserve bees and other pollinators for future generations, perfectly aligns with our mission to make sure cycling remains a viable option for people of all ages for generations to come.

Therefore, Buzz pledged to donate $50 to Operation Honeybee for every Buzz Charter F we sold through 2022. To sweeten the deal, Operation Honeybee sent a jar of honey to each and every one of our Charter F customers. The campaign was a stinging success! Buzz happily donated thousands of dollars to Operation Honeybee to aid in their sustainability efforts. As an employee of Buzz, I am honored to have worked on this project and to have contributed to such an amazing cause. I look forward to new ways Buzz will work towards a more sustainable future.