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#BuzzThroughLife is a Rally Cry

#BuzzThroughLife is a Rally Cry

I recently had the opportunity to bring my brand new Buzz electric bike on my yearly trip to Colorado. Now, my husband has always been the athlete in the family. He loves to be outdoors and all things related to sports. I am not very athletic and have found few sports where I could keep up with him, so when he suggested biking, I was on board. I love to bike! However, our definitions of biking are very different... his definition is to go full on as fast as you can for as long as he can, and he doesn't care how much he sweats. I, on the other hand, just like to poke around and look at things. I definitely don't like to break a sweat.

Now with my Buzz Cerana E-bike, I figured out I can keep up with my hubby, which is awesome. I can even beat him! What’s more, I'm having so much fun I don't mind sweating a little!

Our first bike ride in Colorado began in the town of Frisco, which is located at the summit where all the ski resorts are. We rode up to the town of Keystone, which is one of our favorite ski resorts. This is where I learned what #BuzzThroughLife was all about. It was uphill most of the way and, with a normal bike, there was no way I would have made it! Now I had four levels of pedal assist. WOW! Is all I have to say. I sat at the base of the first major hill, scared I wouldn’t make it up. I had already ignored my husband’s advice to get a running start lol. Despite my hesitation, I engaged turbo mode, the highest power setting, and began to pedal. I never expected an e-bike to have such an amazing impact! Not only did I conquer that hill with no problems, I PASSED MY HUSBAND ON THE WAY UP! I did get a little bit sweaty and out of breath, but the beautiful scenery made it worth the ride.

On our next trip we took our bikes to the top of Vail Pass via a drop-off service. We then rode 12 miles down Vail Pass, stopping at Copper Mountain along the way for a quick coffee break. The scenery was amazing, and the biking was exhilarating! Eventually we arrived in Frisco where we shopped and had lunch. It was great in Frisco because they have the streets blocked off so people can walk or ride their bikes without worrying about car traffic.

We took an amazing bike ride around the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. The whole trail was up and down hills. By this time, I had mastered my Buzz and my husband was panting to keep up , begging ME to slow down! No need to fear, hubby. I have plenty of water for you in the big front basket of my Buzz!