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Buzz Rear Rack


To give you added storage for every adventure, the rear rack is easily installed on the frame of your Buzz Cerana and can hold up to 22 pounds. Whether you’re strapping a picnic basket to your bike for a ride to the park with some friends or securing your work bag for an eco-friendlier commute, the rear rack ensures that you can bring what you need with you on every ride.

Model #E4089
Buzz Rear Rack
Buzz Rear Rack
Buzz Rear Rack
Buzz Rear Rack
Buzz Rear Rack


Compatible bikes: Buzz Cerana

Material: Aluminum

Weight Limit: 22 lbs.

Installation: The rack is easily secured on your bike and screwed in at 4 points, two on each side of bike – just under the seat on the frame stay, and at the back on the chain stay.


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