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Electric Pit Bikes: What You Need to Know

Buzz Centris folding ebike with a motorsports track and fan stands in the background
February 26, 2024

Electric Pit Bikes: What You Need to Know


What is a Pit Bike? Why Go Electric?

Pit bikes are a classic part of the motorsports experience whether you're a crew member with important responsibilities, or a fan enjoying a day at the track. Electric pit bikes are revolutionizing that experience with cutting edge tech. Traditional gasoline pit bikes simply don’t provide the same convenience and dependability as their electric counterparts.

We recently partnered with NASCAR Cup Series driver Chase Briscoe, who’s shown true passion for utilizing Buzz ebikes in his crew’s race day routine:

“I'm thrilled to take the next step with Buzz Electric Bicycles. Their ebikes are not just about getting from point A to point B; they're about adding excitement and ease to adventures, including the NASCAR experience. I can't wait to integrate Buzz ebikes into our race days.”

Black and white Buzz Centris ebikes in front of racetrack with high speed racecars going by

So, Why Are Electric Pit Bikes Better?


Pedals Are Key

Sure, pit bikes don’t usually have pedals – but it’s critical that some electric pit bikes do - Buzz eBikes included. Pedals are the reason many racetracks classify them as bicycles and not motorcycles – allowing you to ride without concern for strict regulations. Plus, you’ll always have the option to ease off the throttle and get in a workout using pedal assist at a level you choose! Of course, always check with the venue ahead of time just in case.

Less Gas, More Convenience

The most obvious advantage of electric pit bikes is freedom from gasoline. Whether the venue has its own pumps, or you need to bring your own, there’s nothing worse than pulling away from your busy schedule to refuel. With an electric pit bike, one charge will last all weekend – or simply recharge in the background without breaking your stride.


Crews and fans alike share one major concern – travel. Is your gear a hassle to load and unload? Traditional gas pit bikes are heavier and take up more space. The Buzz Centris folds, giving you a more compact travel kit that’s ready for instant deployment on race day.

Improved Customization

Electric pit bikes offer a high degree of customization that allows riders to tailor the performance to their needs. With advanced electronic control systems, riders can adjust power delivery for personalized pedal assist or throttle response. Buzz ebikes also have a supporting line of accessories, granting riders more storage for tools, food and drinks, or any other race day needs.

Peace and Quiet

We all love a good roaring engine, but when you’re at a motorsports event it’s best to leave that to the racecars. eBikes allow pit crews to communicate with less surrounding noise. If you’re a fan buzzing around the venue, your fellow spectators will surely thank you for choosing a quieter alternative.


The growing presence of ebikes in motorsports marks a new era in culture, combining high-performance capabilities with essential quality-of-life improvements. The pedals, increased portability, convenience, and quiet operation make electric pit bikes a compelling choice for crews and fans aiming to stay ahead in the cutting-edge world of motorsports. As the industry continues to evolve, the electric revolution is poised to reshape the landscape, offering a more efficient future for pit bike enthusiasts and motorsports as a whole.